Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to never dread the dentist again?

Whether you need a cavity filled, dentures fitted, treatment for sore gumsor even cosmetic procedures to whiten your teeth or fix a chipped tooth—you’ll float through it all without the stress or fear you’ve experienced before.

If you are struggling with a dental phobia sedation may be right for you.

Who Sedation Dentistry Can Benefit? Patient who:

  • Have intense fear
  • Medically challenged
  • Have trauma from an early dental experience
  • Have Difficulty getting numb
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Have very sensitive teeth
  • Have Complex dental problems

Will I be unconscious?

There are varying degrees of sedation available ask your doctor about the difference. Sedation is as simple as taking a pill and you’ll be conscious and responsive throughout the procedure. However, you’ll remain in a deeply relaxed state, so you won’t be nervous or fidgety. You’ll experience no discomfort or anxiety. You won’t be aware of sounds or smells around you, and you won’t remember any part of the treatment. When the procedure is complete, you’ll feel totally relaxed and you won’t remember a thing. In fact, it’ll seem like only a few minutes have passed.

Who should try sedation dentistry?

Everyone is different. Most people who avoid the dentist suffer from paralyzing fear. Maybe they’ve had a traumatic experience. Some put off going to the dentist because they simply don’t have the time. Others have a low pain tolerance or resistance to the numbing injections that most dentists use. Some dental patients can’t control a gag reflex, and still others are too embarrassed about the condition of their teeth.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Throughout your visit our experienced clinical team will monitor your vital signs. You’ll receive compassionate, attentive care that will make you feel like you’re getting a spa treatment.

How long will it take?

Depending on the condition of your teeth, your sedation may last from two to six hours. There’ll be nothing to interrupt or interfere with your treatment, which is why we can usually treat even the most serious cases in just one visit.

Do I need someone with me?

Yes! Because you’ll need to take a pill before you leave home, someone must accompany you to and from the dentist’s office. Although you’ll feel completely refreshed when the procedure is over, you’ll still be under the effects of sedation.

Oral Sedation Procedure

Oral Conscious Sedation Procedure

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